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Letters to the Site

Bellow are letters received by the training site. If you would like to submit a letter to the training site, use the "Contact Us" button above.

Safety and Health Conference
Manhattan School District 114
Manhattan School District 114
City Of Belvidere
NTF H&P Training Advisory Committee
Training Program (Local 825)
2011 Midwest Training Symposium (Local 513)
Wilmington Fire Protection District
Innovation and Creation of Green Jobs
Illinois Valley Building and Construction Trades Council (3/11)
Layne Safety Training Day (Greg Buffington)
Train-the-Trainer Signal Person Training Course
Partnership (Wilmington School District No. 209-U)
Site Visit (Leslie Bonnell)
Electronic Engine Controls (Jason Zeibert)
Representative Debbie Halvorson (D-IL)
Construction Material Inspector's Program (Paul Lyman)
Hydro Excavating Class (Allan Arndt)
Training at the Site (Pernell Rion)
Stevenson Crane Service (11/09)
Contracting & Material Company
Basic Crane Class (Craig Ro Hanson)
Dad N Lad (Barry Sprott)
Apprentice in Boston (Perrie Radomski)
Site Visit (Larry Hladek II)
Illinois Valley Thank You (6/09)
White Construction (6/09)
WILCO Thank You (6/09)

OECP Program Endorsements

Civil Constructors, Inc.
Stone and Webster Construction, Inc.
Contractors Association of Will and Grundy Counties
Excavators Inc.
Kenny Construction Company
Mid-America Regional Bargaining Association
Northern Illinois Building Contractors Association